Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Parts are trickling in...

Well, some stuff is starting to show up!!

So far, I have received
A brand new in the box set of Pekar K68 carbs...the kind used back at the Russian factory.

NOS fuel tank

'New' header pipes
'New' Fishtail Mufflers
Granted both of the last items are manufactured in China for the Chinese copy of the Russian copy of a German sidecar rig...so they kinda-sorta fit.
After a quick check I established the fuel tank mounting tabs line up perfectly, so off to hang from my basement shop ceiling it goes to get a new coat of rattlecan paint. (Chalkboard paint...makes it easy to record start/end odometer readings...directions  yada yada)

The bad news is so far confined to the intake/exhaust side of things.
First I found that my heads didn't line up with the carbs...even using the aftermarket mounting plates where no help. So did I what I often do in these situations.
I screamed.
I cursed.
Maybe I cried a lil bit.

Then I got to thinking..."What would Ivan Do?"
So, since Ivan is a smart guy....I asked Melee(da wife) for help. She and I(mostly she) figured at way to get the carbs lined up and mounted with only having to tap ONE new mounting stud in the head.
Of course....I have no pics of that in process...but here it is all mounted up like it goes there.

Next thing I discovered is that while the headers fit the jugs fine...the frame mounting tabs on them are off by about an inch or so (2.5ish centimeters). So I did the only reasonable thing I could think of...I sawed the tabs off and plan to make do with clamping them to the frame.
Again...no good pics of the mocking up process...but here are a few shots of what I managed to do to the inboard side.

This pic has a bonus shot of the inboard carb!

Hoping to get the last parts...mostly the rocker arms I need to complete the top end rehab...this week.
If I do, Crawler should be back on the road by me and Melee's Spring Break.
Just need the rockers....
and rewire the fender on the sidecar.
and rebuild the throttle housing.
and run new throttle cables that I hope match up to the carbs.
and replace a couple of bodge connections with molex clips.

crap i got a lot to do.

BTW>>If anyone cares to see larger copies of any pics...Melee is hosting them in her Flickr account.

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