Thursday, November 24, 2011

Quick update before Turkey Coma...

Got the electric gremlins evicted...probably.
Redid the whole harness, and separated each system out into their own circuits/buses.
One of the pluses of that is if I kill the lights, the Alt/VR charges just off idle.
I did the 'drillbit' mod on the crappy petcock, although I gave up the main fuel setting snorkel up as it was beyond repair.
So I don't have a reserve on the petcock, but hey why am I toting a jerry can if not for fuel reserve? :biggrin:

Got the rig up on the centerstand...that's fun...and adjusted all 3 brakes.
Still think I have a lil too much tension in the clutch cable, as I reach the end of third and fourth gear it acts like the clutch is engaging, so I'll be tweaking that.
I did a lil bit of carb tuning...far from done there but I have it running steady.

Over I have said before, this rig is the easiest thing to work on I have played with yet.
My only cursing has been at the in-board screw on the timing cover, and the stock air cleaner.

Yeah yeah, I hear your or it didn't happen. <_<
I'll get some snaps in daylight tomorrow.

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